8 Lesser Known But Useful Tips for Instagram Stories

Tips for Instagram Stories

There are so many bells and whistles within Instagram that it’s sometimes hard to stay on top, even for someone using the platform every day.


1.      You can zoom in and out of an Instagram Stories video with one finger by holding and sliding up and down the recoding button while you are taking a video.

2.      You have access to a full color wheel, not just the 9 customized colors Instagram gives you. To access it, press and hold on any of the visible colors for 3 second and then drag to select the color you would like to use.

3.      You can create a solid background with any color: take a photo, select the marker tool and then select a color. Press and hold the screen for 3 seconds. The photo will be re-covered with your chosen color. You can then write your words of wisdom/message OR use the eraser brush artistically to reveal just part of the photo as if playing on a scratch card.

4.      You can pin text on a Live video — a very useful trick if you don’t want to be asked by your followers where you are or what the live video is about. Just write the caption, post it, click on it and it will offer you the option of pinning it. (It will only pin at the bottom of the screen.)

5.      You can add a “selfie sticker” to any photo in Your Stories — when you click on the camera option (second row of stickers), your phone takes a mini-selfie that you can then stick wherever you want on the photo. If you tap the sticker, it will create a circular or square border around it. Tap it again and the border will disappear.

6.      How to hide other users’ Instagram Stories

You might like the photos of some accounts, but not their Stories. You can easily hide these from your own feed; just hold your finger on their picture, then select “Mute [username’s] Story.”

7.      You can post older photos to Instagram Stories. While there are apps that let you change the meta data of a photo (like Pixelgarde), the easier and simpler way is just to take a screenshot of any photo in your gallery (pressing the Home and Sleep button at the same time) and it will add to your Camera Roll allowing you then to upload it to your Instagram Story. You will need to resize the photo vertically though, unless you want to show a close up. 

8.      You can easily pin your Instagram content directly to Pinterest: Click on the three vertical dots in the right corner of the photo you want to cross post, copy and share the URL, then open Pinterest on your phone and it will prompt you to select the right board to save the content from Instagram.