6 Instagram Myths Busting


In June 2018, several Instagram officials talked to a small group of journalists to debunk some of the myths surrounding the current algorithms. Here are the key points:


Shadowban is a real thing

FALSE - Instagram does not hide your posts in the feed if you use many hashtags, repeat hashtags, or post very often.

Videos are preferred over photos

FALSE - Instagram does not give preference to videos over photos within feeds. HOWEVER, if the data shows that a user prefers to engage with videos over photos, then that specific user may see more video content in their feed.

Those who post frequently will be penalized

FALSE - Instagram account holders who post frequently are now ‘down-ranked’ but all posts will still appear on their followers’ feeds. HOWEVER, the posts will be spaced out so as not to spam their viewers feeds.

Business accounts will surface first

FALSE - Instagram doesn’t give greater presence to personal or business accounts, so switching won’t help/penalise your reach.

Verified accounts rank higher

FALSE - “We treat everyone the same,” Instagram said.

Stories or Live videos will help your ranking

FALSE - Creating Instagram Stories or live broadcasting won’t affect how your content ranks within the feeds.